Yellow Submarine Coffee Tank is located in Pak Chong district, near the perimeter of Khao Yai National Park, one of Thailand’s most visited weekend destinations.


Designed by Secondfloor Architects, the Coffee Tank proposes something different from the typical architecture. The architects have created a series of 3-meter-high walls that enclose the 300-square-meter area to underline the different scale of the structure, and the vast landscape it locates in, while leading users’ focus to what goes on inside. The 38-meter length of the dark wall situated on the gentle slope accentuates the 1.6-meter difference of the site’s steepness.


To access the coffee tank from the parking space, visitors are led to follow the walkway locating in parallel with the building as they consider the coexistence of architecture and nature. The architecture is constructed from materials with different shades of black to create an environment where certain elements become present through the processes of absorption and reflection. Physical interactions of materials can be seen in various forms and effects, from the brickwork that absorbs moisture, the sounds of footsteps on the graveled ground, the thick walls that help blocking noises, the shimmering reflected light on the expose aggregate walls coated with Chinese ink, to the reflection of glossy tiles.


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