As the true spiritual Home of Alfred Dunhill, Bourdon House embodies the heart and soul of the brand. Respecting the genuine character of the illustrious 18th century residence, the London Home has been fully restored to its former Georgian glory along with dunhill’s unfaltering attention to detail.

Alfred Dunhill Bourdon House一层松木室

Alfred Dunhill would have been proud to see the doors of Bourdon House open with the same hospitality, charm and style that he emulated throughout his life. Today, the beautifully carved cornices, wood panelling and perfect proportions give the same elegant air of the building’s magnificent past. As an enchanting survivor of the twilight period that occurred before the Industrial Revolution, the historic and respected London townhouse is a Grade II listed building. English Heritage takes into consideration age, rarity and architectural merit when classifying these surviving structures of the past, and has listed Bourdon House as a building of special interest, warranting every effort to preserve it.

Characterised by proportion and balance, Bourdon House has long been considered a fine illustration of Georgian architecture. The Georgian style of architecture is now, more than ever, held as the epitome of good taste – beautifully proportioned, elegantly understated, and much copied but never surpassed. The design was most graceful and adorned with understated decorative elements, combining symmetry, simplicity and modishness to inspire both Classical and Palladian style.

Alfred Dunhill Bourdon House夜景

The luxurious brown brick structure was first erected in 1720, more than a century before Alfred was born. In 1911, the Duke of Westminster set his sights on Bourdon House, having lent the family’s London residence, Grosvenor House, to the government as a wartime gesture of patriotism. The nobleman showed abounding interest in the unique setting from the start and ornately revamped, repaired and modernised it, making it his official London residence until his death in 1953. It was in this house that the Duke of Westminster wooed Coco Chanel, spoiling her with extravagant gifts for nearly half a decade.


dunhill, along with the help of local specialised craftsmen, has worked carefully to restore the character and irresistible seductive charm of Bourdon House. To this day, it remains a desirable getaway at the heart of Mayfair, fit for Royalty, and – like dunhill – reveres its rich and reputable past. Similarly to the Duke’s efforts, dunhill has invested much time and care in renovating and modernising the historical London address. State of the art technology has been mounted to conform to the modern gentlemen’s entertainment needs. Combined with noble materials – from marble and mahogany to mosaic floors and hand painted, custom made wallpaper – Bourdon House has been brought back to evoke the same warmth, magnificence and quality as the original abode. The ultimate in service and expertise, the London Home of Alfred Dunhill is an unforgettable and unique experience, embodying a lifestyle that has long since represented grandeur and distinction in British Heritage.


Alfred Dunhill Shanghai Home, opened in September 2008, is located in the heart of the city, in a magnificent, perfectly restored 1920’s neoclassical style villa in the former French concession. The Shanghai Home presents a superior and inimitable experience, surrounded by a beautiful English garden. This former residential space hosts a fine dining restaurant and bar in addition to unique and exclusive retail experience.


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