Brawler Breakdown

Action? Check. Glamour? Check. Excitement? Check. Brawl has it all.


Brawl on the Wall is back in Beijing on the 29th of April and is set to be the most exciting iteration of the annual event yet. CSP (China Sports Promotions) has been working round the clock to make sure this year’s show is even grander, flashier and more electric than last time.

So, what is Brawl on the Wall? Brawl is a white collar boxing event that takes place in major cities in Asia, namely Beijing, Shanghai, Taipei and Macau. The event originated in Shanghai as Brawl on the Bund in 2008 and has been going from strength to strength ever since, expanding both in size and spectacle.


Brawl isn’t just a boxing event, though; in the words of Brawl organizer, and CSP founder, Shane Benis: “Brawl is a spectacle”. Everything about the show is to please, impress and entertain. From the five-star hotel venue, to the free flow drinks throughout the evening, to the strict black tie and evening gown dress code, to the atmosphere warming up as guests mingle in the atrium beforehand,  to the lavish four-course dinner, to the professional photographers, to the audiovisual design. Everything about Brawl is meticulously planned and designed to impress and entertain.

And whilst the CSP team organize the event, 80 white collar workers train tirelessly for 3 months to get into the best shape of their lives, before they duke it out in front of a huge audience. Training week in week out by CSP affiliated boxing gyms, notably Golden Gloves in Shanghai, ordinary people are taught to jab, punch, weave, duck and dive by professional coaches.


Of those 80 who sign up, the number is whittled down to the most committed and dedicated 16, those who’ve proven to the boxing coaches that they have what it takes to be in the ring in front of hundreds of people, and dozens of cameras.

Brawl’s audience is a personification of what Brawl is: powerful movers and shakers, stylish celebrities and influential media. This is where high society comes to see and be seen; networking and mingling is abound, and the communal atmosphere is furthered by the fact that every table is bought as a whole, so each table is bought by groups of friends or colleagues.


Brawl is the highlight of the social calendar, and Brawl on the Wall again looks to be Beijing’s premier society event.


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