Sea Fishing: A Contest with the Sea

Sea fishing enjoys as much popularity as football in Europe and the United States, but while football gathers people around the world together in excitement, fishing is more of a private moment of fun. The actor Charlie Chaplin often invited guests to the beach to fish, the writer Tolstoy liked to take his beer and cigars fishing in the Black Sea, and former Russian President Boris Yeltsin was fishing together with Finnish President Martti Ahtisaari in the visit to Finland. Fishing, compared to the other three noble sports (golf, equestrian and tennis), gives a little more adventure, competition and unpredictable stimulation.


Sea fishing is known as the “game of the brave”. Excellent sea anglers are like fish, at home among the waves, and not only master the rich knowledge of fishing techniques, but also handy as craftsmen among their many equipments, as well as skilled at rock climbing, swimming, navigating (with boat owners being great support) and weather forecasting, with a basic capability of carrying a heavy load around. As for when to lure, when to reel, when to release, what not to throw… In addition to God’s will and respecting the sea, there are many rules to pay attention to. British writer Izaac Walton wrote “The Compleat Angler” a few hundred years ago, and it is still the anglers’ bible for not only its technical guide to fishing, but also the life philosophy gained by sea fishing – perhaps this is also the fun in fishing.


Because of the many rules and requirements, sea fishing industry in China is still in its infancy, and just at the right moment, a sea fishing club has become a pioneer in the development of the industry. The first fishing club, Fishing Club 3630, is the leader in the circle. It works with the best vessels, captains and crews with more than 20 years of experience in the sea, professional guides, and provides pictures and recordings throughout the whole process. From the tropics of Southeast Asia to the scenic New Zealand; from Helen Shoal to South China Sea; the Fishing Club 3630 is the braver one in the game.


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