• Date: June 28, 2017
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This beautifully inviting eco-friendly property sits on a seven-acre site, 90 minutes north of San Francisco. Bardessono, which is a 60-room boutique, models its hospitality on the vineyard culture Napa Valley is steeped in: natural, refined and exquisite. Not only are the spa and outdoor pool highly lauded, but the hotel bar and restaurant are the epitome of hospitality and elegance.

Exterior-Magnolia Courtyard copy 2

Combining “deep green” sentiments with luxury, Bardessono is one of only a handful of luxury LEED Platinum built and certified hotels in the world. The hotel is heated and cooled using an underground geothermal system, whilst rooftop solar panels supplement the property’s electricity needs. Bardessono’s environmental stewardship, daring architecture and exceptional luxury truly make this an experience to be remembered.

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