Distinction for Your Baby

The Spanish company Suommo is gathering international attention with lavish, original pieces and sophisticated jewels created for the Baby Suommo collection. The exquisite Suommo design, craftsmanship and exclusivity collide to achieve perfection. The Doll Bottle is a baby bottle inspired by the famous Russian Matryoshka dolls. This unique piece, carefully handcrafted by expert goldsmiths, is coated with 18k gold and artistically studded with diamonds, representing a mother’s delicacy and resilience, with a gloss that only the purest gold possesses. Exclusive and extravagant, the Doll is not only a gem, but also a refined piece of the most exquisite daintiness. Available in five different sizes, Suommo offers to inscribe a personalized message on the bottle. If you want to acquire a Doll Bottle for your newborn, the price is USD 136,000. This baby bottle is a jewel and a refined decorative piece; an expression of the most exquisite sensibility.


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