Discovering Changbai Mountain

Discovering Changbai Mountain

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Winter without snow will lose its charm; the sky filled with tumbling snowflakes is a whimsical moment full of fascination. Snowball fights, snowmen and sleds are all parts of the fun. Nowadays, there is less and less snow in the winter, but in the north of China, there is a well-known ice kingdom, Changbai Mountain, where the most vivid expression of winter beauty is seen through snow-filled sky across vast land.


The top of the snow-capped mountain looks down to a heavenly lake, as beautiful as the lake of the immortals, bright blue and crystal clear. At the edge of the cliff is one of the largest waterfall in the world, just like a Milky Way of snow, cascading into a cloud of mist. The snowy valley beyond is as dazzling a scenery as Andersen’s fairy tale, and the stars above as mysterious as the universe; an invitation to explore the secrets of your dream.


The winter here is relatively warm with anion content of over 80,000 per cubic centimeter, very pleasant for outdoor activities. In this snow-capped kingdom, one can truly understand and feel the meaning of “heart and snow flying together”. The most spectacular experience is the crossing of the woodlands across the snowfields, a deeply stimulating activity. Before crossing this part of the land, thorough preparation is necessary, including a ride at an altitude of 2,000 meters above the snow line, and a walk through the dense forest full of fresh snow, always giving pleasant surprises along the way. Hiking or driving, be amazed by the stunning nature that seems to be created by heaven; rows of pine trees in the woods, and clear blue sky against the snow, all encouraging us to keep moving forward.


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