Hunting in the Midst of a Snowy Forest

Hunting in the Midst of a Snowy Forest

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Entering the winter, the arrival of ice and snow also announces the arrival of the golden season for winter hunting. With the diversification of tourism demand, winter hunting activities are gradually garnering people’s interest and attention. Through legal hunting, tourists not only enjoy the fun, but also relax their body and mind, in addition to a thrilling winter experience.


Taoshan International Gameland in Heilongjiang Province boasts a long history, and used to be home for more than 200 families of Oroqen people who for generations hunted for a living. The Oroqen and Manchu people excelled at hunting, and every hunt was accompanied by a dog to help surround and take hold of the prey. Furthermore, they used traps, dug holes and other hunting methods, some still preserved to this day.


Since the early eighties, Taoshan’s natural hunting grounds have undergone planned development and construction in accordance with international standards, resulting in the establishment of more than 100 hectares of fully enclosed breeding and hunting area, consisting mainly of scattered oak trees, creating one of the most enjoyable environments for winter hunting activities. The woods here are not too dense, making it easy to spot prey in the distance, especially in winter, when brilliant white snow adds advantage in finding prey such as pheasants and hares. The area’s distinctive hunters camp is located in the Xiaodong Ditch Forest Park, featuring regular guestrooms and dining room, with a fireplace unique to the region to warm its visitors. At night, accompanied by soothing music, the Northeastern “peasant feast” begins the festivities in the midst of the snowy forest.


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