Meeting the Winter at Lake Baikal

Meeting the Winter at Lake Baikal

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Lake Baikal is located in the southern part of Russia’s eastern Siberia. When the lake is frozen from January to May, an amazing phenomena takes place: large transparent ice forms on the surface of the lake, giving the amazing appearance of turquoise ice. It is one of nature’s arts that stuns our hearts.


On this landscape, SunPALA customized private travel and Daydream independent travel platform’s founder Sun Bo and the team had a sudden inspiration to do something creative with the turquoise hummocks on Lake Baikal:
Is it to build an igloo for people to stay and experience the real Lake Baikal?
Is it to build a library made of ice, satisfying literary cravings in one of the coldest place on earth?
Is it to create an ice sculpture exhibition, so that artists and designers from all over the world can turn ice into artistic treasure?
Or is it to build an ‘ice cave’ that collects wishes, where people can shout out their dreams?


Considering conditions of the location, environmental protection and other circumstances, in the end, an ‘ice library’ covering a total area of 700 square meters was built on the frozen shore of Lake Baikal with the use of 494 pieces of turquoise ice bricks. Russian architects and sculptors worked together to remove blocks of ice from the lake, followed by ice grinding, construction, then carving and other procedures; with hundreds of wishes and hopes from people all over the world inscribed on them, each three-kilogram ice block were used to create the walls of the library.


In this world’s first ‘ice library’, contrasting with today’s materialistic world, is a deep understanding of simple happiness, carrying hundreds of people’s dreams and hopes. Yang Jinlin, who attended the opening ceremony of the ice library, said, “Nowadays, most people feel that the era we live in is full of uncertainty and insecurity, and there is a lot of anxiety. You don’t expect to find a pure piece of land, but when you come here, purity comes not only in the form of Lake Baikal, but also exists deep inside people’s hearts.”


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