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We are excited to announce our first series of “She” events dedicated to bringing together creative women of all backgrounds. Making connections, nurturing ideas, and unlocking real potential is at our core, as we strive to change the culture of women in the arts from the inside out. Imagine a project that celebrates everyday artistic experiences. Imagine a world where we’re always connecting the right people to the right resource. We believe in the positive impact of women in the arts and will define a new era in Beijing.


Diversity and inclusion are two things that we champion. We build impact. We are strictly about quality not quantity. We’re not just another social networking group but a group who looks to validate each of you and your crafts. We will host collaborative artistic projects in the future and we want you to be a part of our new movement. Wherever you are in China – whether you’re in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Guangzhou etc., we’re building an ecosystem of opportunity. Make sure you’re in attendance for these very unique experiences, as we want to go beyond a Wechat conversation and get to know the real you. Female voices matter, and our carefully designed events, will give you the chance to be center-stage in sharing your thoughts, personality, and love for the arts with the passionate, female creatives of Beijing.

Our first event She: A Collaboration of Women in the Arts, saw an enthusiastic sell-out crowd come together to network and celebrate the female talent we have here in Beijing. The night started with a welcome drink and mingle, as well as the opportunity to engage in a painting a collaborative canvas piece. Our welcome speech set the scene for the night, before guests participated in our interactive ‘hit the runway’ game, where they attempted to guess the profession/field of a random partner based on their responses to certain art statements. The highlight of our evening featured guest speakers from an array of artistic backgrounds, discussing their experiences in the art world in our Q&A session. The conversation was highly stimulating as questions continued to flow from the audience. There were many heads nodding and arms raised to question, as women related to and understood each other’s experiences of being a female in the art world. This was a very rewarding night for all, and an open social ended the night where our guests got to know each other, plan collaborations, and celebrate female creativity.

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