Guo Pei: Natural Pursuit of Beauty

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Life is like climbing a mountain; some people stand up and want the world to see themselves, and some want to see a different world. Guo Pei is very much the latter. She said that when you do not expect to be in the forefront, you will enjoy the process. If you set a strict target, the process will present more restraints, or turn into a pressure eroding your life when you cannot handle the pace, bringing more physical and spiritual suffering. So, she is someone who does not set strict goals or expectations in life. Instead, she has one path to undertake: indulging in beauty, creating beauty, spreading beauty, focusing on every step of the moments. When Paris haute couture circuit called, when museums competed to exhibit her creations, when Time listed her name on the 100 Most Influential People… she found that while you are standing on top of the mountain to see the world, the world also sees you.


Guo Pei is unlike any other; how would you describe the characteristics of your own creations? I am someone who loves life very much, and very emotional. I hope life is full of love, warmth and sunshine, and my creations share the sentiment. Beauty is the outlook of being happy and feeling blessed. I truly love beauty; even if I am a carpenter, or a florist, or a salesman, I will still pursue beauty. It is a warm sunshine from your state of mind.


Compared to ready-to-wear, designers have maximum freedom with haute couture; however, freedom is always relative, and so, what are the restrictions in haute couture? Freedom should also be contained. You can get the most of freedom when reflecting the limitations. In making clothes, when you have less room for creativity, the turnover may be quicker and easier; and when it has the greatest room for freedom, you are also dealing with greater demands and costs from various angles. To be successful in your pursuit of inner freedom and spiritual pleasure is to satisfy your heart’s desire, even when you might lose something else while gaining the freedom you want. It took me almost ten years to establish the foundation for freedom of artistic expression and freedom of the soul.


Beauty should be an indiscriminate right; how do you feel about haute couture becoming an exclusion for a lot of people? Haute couture is actually very welcoming, and I never discriminate my guests; often, people exclude themselves. I think every girl has at least one dress that accompanies her all her life, carrying all her happiness, all her emotions. Many people might have spent a lot of money buying useless things; you might open the wardrobe and see not one piece of clothing is worth keeping. For example, girls nowadays usually have dozens of jeans when they don’t actually need all of them, and end up wearing only a few pairs over and over. Jeans also have cultural value; it is better to buy a genuine pair. You can wear them until they show signs of natural wear and tear, yet you will hate to part with them, because they have become a part of your life, a very meaningful jeans. This is a life attitude which I sincerely hope people will recognize.


What do you think about junior designers? What are their strengths and difficulties? Growing with time is a part of happiness, and the phrase “Time makes a hero” resonates with me. I am very grateful to my generation, for giving me the much needed opportunity to grow together with the Chinese fashion industry. If I am part of the young designers in the current generation, it will be difficult for me to say that I will be where I am today, or if there is a future for me. It is a crowded field with strong competition and everyone has very little space. I have strong sympathy for them; I want to remind them to slow down and focus on long-term growth, for the next 10 years, and then 20 years, 30 years, and even 50 to 60 years, instead of rushing the pace for the first five to ten years; we might be able to do it in the past, but for the young designers today, it might be very difficult for them to do so. Their advantage is having a high starting point; as soon as they graduate, they might have reached the equivalent of my ten-year career, perhaps in twenty years they will surpass thirty years of my experience. However, it could be very difficult for them to stay for two decades, and the progress of time also means that the requirements to be in the industry are getting harder.


Would you share simple tips or rules for those of us struggling with fashion? What to wear depends on the environment. For work, I suggest wearing a relatively formal dress, presenting a strong character no matter your position. The best option is to have a slight structure on the outfit, nothing too loose-fitting. For social occasion, you need to know what message you would like to convey, what kind of person you want to be in the eyes of others. Many people think that what they wear is their own business, totally unrelated to other people, while in fact, it influences how people define you, and who will approach you. If you want to enter a certain circle, you must first have the same image that they have before catching their interest, and then slowly the conversation and relationship develop.


One of a Kind, or Nothing – Hu Sheguang

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He made Viann Zhang blaze Cannes’ red carpet and let the 80-year old Wang Deshun grace the catwalk; he is a zealous advocate for Chinese culture, as well as well-versed scholar in philosophy and religion. He constantly seeks innovation and excitement in bold combination of fashion and performance art that integrates dramatic designs and Oriental elements, forming his very own unique style. Others may laugh at his craziness, but he laughs at their ignorance. This is Hu Sheguang. In the midst of his love and hate relationship with fashion, some feel his passion and worship him, some judge him like he is from a different world.


Dancing Around the World Innovating

He has made a living for himself since being an independent 16 years old in Europe. From majoring in painting to becoming a high-end fashion designer, Hu’s amazing creativity has brought him to be the designer for the Queen of Netherlands. At his peak, he was producing 45 shows a year. With talent and diligence in fashion spanning over 20 years, Hu Sheguang has become the favored couturier of the Dutch Queen. After returning home in 2012, he has successfully dominated Fashion Week with six big shows – Kiln, Happiness, Thorn, Guard, Dazzle and Boundary – that integrate European court dress and the essence of traditional Chinese culture.

In recent years, he has been given many different monikers, culminating in the blurring lines of who he is and what he does; however, fame and titles have been but a by-product of his pursuit of success. He responds neither to criticism nor compliments, allowing his audience to decide on the basis of their own understanding.


Reborn, from the Untainted Heart

Seven years ago on the 11th of February 2010, one of fashion’s greats, Alexander McQueen, ended his life at home. The demise of the well known Bad Boy in fashion shocked everyone, and cemented his reputation as the “Godfather of British Fashion”. After seven years, another maverick, Hu Sheguang, started a dialogue between East and West where McQueen held his first show in New York.

V-reborn is a depiction of a world accommodating all the earthly creation; a stage containing all the unpredictability of a state of mind. The insane, non-conforming imagination caused him to put aside the strict rules and created a small, harmonious world of beauty and mystery, presenting its purity, clarity and etherealness through fashion.

The New York show was divided into two parts, about life and soul. The shades of nude and gold convey a simple, newly born joy; the transparency represents purity and sincerity. The shades of nude symbolize the color of the skin. The shades of gold are the color of the earth, as well as the color of Mongolia, where the designer came from, and the royalty. TPU, European yarn, neoprene, synthetic fur and other materials at the forefront of sustainable development, as well as nude makeup, transparent ensembles and bone-related accessories, are the designer’s signature that presents the ignorant beginning in life.

As expected, with V-reborn he once again shook the stage of international fashion; this show was an epiphany created by his ambitions. This society and life ought to have a great number of nodes that demand people to ponder. He has hidden all the ‘decency’ behind the appearance of ‘indecency’, and little by little, integrated the reflections of time and society into his designs. Elaborate and dramatic, yet composed and profound, this is Hu Sheguang. In the future, his diverse act is bound to deliver more national pride and surprises.

 Sheguang Hu·胡社光时装发布会42

LifeStyle’s Dialogue with Hu Sheguang

What is your dream?

My dream is to be happy everyday and do what I want to do; to integrate my career with what I love to do. This is the dream I have been pursuing.

How would you respond to people who wouldn’t understand the show and say that “you rely on tricks and simply can’t design”?

If I stand where I am today by just relying on tricks, then they must be very powerful to have convinced so many people for so long. A person who is capable of such tricks must be really strong. All I can say to them is thank you for taking out your precious time to judge me, you are my most loyal fans and “marketers”.

Being a designer is hard work, if you have another choice, what occupation would you choose?

If I can’t be a designer, then I would want to be a good father, because the only person I owe is my child. I put too much time and effort in my career, and I realize that missing out on your child growing up is something money cannot buy back, but at the same time, life is full of contradictions, if you don’t work hard and earn money, your child’s living and growing environment probably won’t be as good as it is now; life is about give and take. Being a designer is something I am supposed to do, there is no ifs, ands, or buts. I was blessed with the opportunity to become a designer, and I just have to do it right.

What do you think of the future of Chinese designer brands?

Chinese design depends on years of experience, not just talent. If you want to go further into the business, you must have financial funds. Here, you succeed not only based on your talent, but you have to have a strong financial source; this is the reality.

What is your lifestyle like?

Different things happen every day; every day is a struggle toward the goal; every day is a busy day; and every day is a harvest.


The Brilliance of Fireworks

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Japanese luxury jewellery brand, TASAKI, has launched a new jewellery collection on the theme of “dazzling night sky”. Inspired by beautiful fireworks and stars lighting up the night sky, the collection features a new series of 5 firework-motif items, each with its own unique charm, and a new item in the popular star-motif series. Spirea, an elegant and dramatic necklace that expresses the flowing traces of dazzling fireworks, evokes the sensitivity of spirea with clear and radiant diamonds. TASAKI’s Creative Director, Thakoon Panichgul offers collections with beautifully feminine finish that are modern and intelligent yet romantic and sexy.


BVLGARI Released Spring Summer 2017 Accessories Collection

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During Milan Fashion Week, BVLGARI released the Spring Summer 2017 Accessories Collection at the Bulgari Hotel, adding a touch of pretty colors for the fashion week.

The two series in BVLGARI Spring Summer 2017 Accessories – SERPENTI and BVLGARI BVLGARI – are handcrafted to its perfection, showing the extraordinary style of Italian jewelry masters. These series present a bold, eclectic spirit for the iconic brand, utilizing exquisitely luxurious materials and avant-garde technology in every piece, highlighting BVLGARI’s unique charm.

Lottie MOSS.

In the evening, a grand celebration dinner with invitees from international media, celebrities and fashion people kicked off in Bulgari Hotel. Famous jazz and gospel singer, Gena West, and well known DJ, Graziano Della Nebbia, gave a passionate performance for the joyful moment.

BVLGARI Dinner Party - Milan Fashion Week FW16

The star-studded event included BVLGARI’s new Spring Summer 2017 Accessories Ambassador, Lottie Moss, Their Royal Highnesses Princess Lilly ZuSayn Wittgenstein Berleburg and Princess Vanessa ZuSayn Wittgenstein Berleburg, Chinese actresses Qi Wei and Tong Yao, Taiwanese socialite Sun Yunyun, photographer Michael Avedon, model and singer Caroline Vreeland, supermodel Xenia Tchoumi, fashion blogger Shea Marie, supermodel Jasmine Sanders, heroine of “Follow Me To” pictures Natalia Osmann, supermodel Valery Kaufman, supermodel Amanda Wellsh, personal trainer and model Toby Huntington-Whiteley, and many other international celebrities from the fashion world.

BVLGARI Dinner Party - Milan Fashion Week FW16


The Hall of Shoes

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Situated in Florence, on the basement of Palazzo Spini Feroni, Museo Salvatore Ferragamo was opened to the public in 1995 by the Ferragamo family, in an effort to illustrate Ferragamo’s artistic qualities and the important role he played in the history of shoe design and international fashion.

Besides photographs, patents, sketches, books, magazines and wooden lasts of various famous feet, the museum boasts a collection of draws 10,000 models designed by Ferragamo. The shoes, displayed on a biennial rotation, are chosen each time according to specific themes that deal with new issues and allow for new fields of inquiry. All works of refined craftsmanship, their design and materials unveil the mind of an artist who was always in touch with the cultural mood of the time. Similarly, the museum arranges exhibitions of its own historical collection with the participation of contemporary artists, and promotes and hosts exhibitions and events linked to art and culture.


Grovemade Wood Watch Review


Despite being in a time when people are talking about smartwatches like the forthcoming Apple Watch, Grovemade has given us something very different while equally as special in my opinion.

Made with a wooden face and a clean leather band, the Grovemade Wood Watch is a wonderfully designed piece that is incredibly unique.

Take a look at creators video…

Offered in two shapes and wood tones with different leather bands, the Grovemade watch is a unique and comfortable watch. While the face diameter is a bit smaller than what I am used to, it sits nicely on my wrist without feeling too small. The leather band is a little tough, though molds nicely around the wrist.

It can’t make phone calls, check your texts, or any of the fancy things a smartwatch does. In fact, it does a lot less than a tradition watch can as there are no extra dials or dates shown. But that isn’t what this watch is made for. This watch is dead simple and is not looking to be any more than that.

Learn more at

Rolling with Emilio Pucci

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Prowl an urban playground for the brand’s debut skateboard. The jet-set may have returned from holidaying in exotic locales and packed away their kaleidoscopic bikinis, but Emilio Pucci has given outdoor addicts something else to look forward to for fall/winter: the brand’s firstever skateboard. This being the dynamo Italian fashion house that founder and print impresario Emilio Pucci put on the map in the 1940s, a new irreverent pattern wasn’t far behind.

With the preoccupations of youth on its mind, the brand invited students from Swiss art and design university ECAL to interpret the maison archives brimming with motifs of Italian culture: pasta, ice cream and general joie de vivre.

A taste of the seven graphic prints can be seen in Rolling with Emilio Pucci, a film by director Edward Housden, which sees model and sometime skater Martha-Rose Redding—wearing a silk crèpe di chine dress from the 2016 Pilot Resort Collection designed by Massimo Giorgetti (his first for the label)—test ride the ‘cruiser shape’, while a pair of tweens rival her on the professional ‘street shape’. Whether riding high or low, on gravel or concrete, this fall the Emilio Pucci/ECAL skateboard collaboration offers a dose of street dolce vita at your fingertips.


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