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Brawler Breakdown

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Action? Check. Glamour? Check. Excitement? Check. Brawl has it all.


Brawl on the Wall is back in Beijing on the 29th of April and is set to be the most exciting iteration of the annual event yet. CSP (China Sports Promotions) has been working round the clock to make sure this year’s show is even grander, flashier and more electric than last time.

So, what is Brawl on the Wall? Brawl is a white collar boxing event that takes place in major cities in Asia, namely Beijing, Shanghai, Taipei and Macau. The event originated in Shanghai as Brawl on the Bund in 2008 and has been going from strength to strength ever since, expanding both in size and spectacle.


Brawl isn’t just a boxing event, though; in the words of Brawl organizer, and CSP founder, Shane Benis: “Brawl is a spectacle”. Everything about the show is to please, impress and entertain. From the five-star hotel venue, to the free flow drinks throughout the evening, to the strict black tie and evening gown dress code, to the atmosphere warming up as guests mingle in the atrium beforehand,  to the lavish four-course dinner, to the professional photographers, to the audiovisual design. Everything about Brawl is meticulously planned and designed to impress and entertain.

And whilst the CSP team organize the event, 80 white collar workers train tirelessly for 3 months to get into the best shape of their lives, before they duke it out in front of a huge audience. Training week in week out by CSP affiliated boxing gyms, notably Golden Gloves in Shanghai, ordinary people are taught to jab, punch, weave, duck and dive by professional coaches.


Of those 80 who sign up, the number is whittled down to the most committed and dedicated 16, those who’ve proven to the boxing coaches that they have what it takes to be in the ring in front of hundreds of people, and dozens of cameras.

Brawl’s audience is a personification of what Brawl is: powerful movers and shakers, stylish celebrities and influential media. This is where high society comes to see and be seen; networking and mingling is abound, and the communal atmosphere is furthered by the fact that every table is bought as a whole, so each table is bought by groups of friends or colleagues.


Brawl is the highlight of the social calendar, and Brawl on the Wall again looks to be Beijing’s premier society event.


Brawl on the Wall is Back!

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To say that Brawl on the Wall is one of the highlights of the year would be an understatement. Bringing the glitz and glamour of big ring boxing to the Orient, Brawl on the Wall is an annual black tie event where the great and the glamorous mingle, dazzle and shine. This year, Brawl on the Wall is taking place at the Park Hyatt Beijing, and promises to be more exciting than ever!


Brawl on the Wall is a white collar boxing event, where amateurs train intensively for three months in the run up to the big showdown. From an initial pool of 100, only the best 16 will be allowed to set foot in the ring – the action is fierce, frantic and ferocious.


Over 600 of Beijing’s finest will descend upon the luxurious Park Hyatt on the 29th of April, where 62 private tables await to treat guests to an exquisite 4 course dinner and free flow drinks. Whilst the guests get into the party mode with complementary cocktails in the Grand Atrium, the boxers make last minute preparations for the big fight. As the doors to the Grand Hall open and the viewers pour in, the boxers mentally brace up for what they’ve been training so hard for. Feel the thrill as the atmosphere, excitement and energy culminates into the final fight of the night.


A heady mix of excitement, glamour and excess awaits you at Brawl on the Wall. Prices for 10 people start at 8000 RMB for Silver Tables up to 15,000 RMB for Ringside Tables. Tickets are available now!


BVLGARI Released Spring Summer 2017 Accessories Collection

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During Milan Fashion Week, BVLGARI released the Spring Summer 2017 Accessories Collection at the Bulgari Hotel, adding a touch of pretty colors for the fashion week.

The two series in BVLGARI Spring Summer 2017 Accessories – SERPENTI and BVLGARI BVLGARI – are handcrafted to its perfection, showing the extraordinary style of Italian jewelry masters. These series present a bold, eclectic spirit for the iconic brand, utilizing exquisitely luxurious materials and avant-garde technology in every piece, highlighting BVLGARI’s unique charm.

Lottie MOSS.

In the evening, a grand celebration dinner with invitees from international media, celebrities and fashion people kicked off in Bulgari Hotel. Famous jazz and gospel singer, Gena West, and well known DJ, Graziano Della Nebbia, gave a passionate performance for the joyful moment.

BVLGARI Dinner Party - Milan Fashion Week FW16

The star-studded event included BVLGARI’s new Spring Summer 2017 Accessories Ambassador, Lottie Moss, Their Royal Highnesses Princess Lilly ZuSayn Wittgenstein Berleburg and Princess Vanessa ZuSayn Wittgenstein Berleburg, Chinese actresses Qi Wei and Tong Yao, Taiwanese socialite Sun Yunyun, photographer Michael Avedon, model and singer Caroline Vreeland, supermodel Xenia Tchoumi, fashion blogger Shea Marie, supermodel Jasmine Sanders, heroine of “Follow Me To” pictures Natalia Osmann, supermodel Valery Kaufman, supermodel Amanda Wellsh, personal trainer and model Toby Huntington-Whiteley, and many other international celebrities from the fashion world.

BVLGARI Dinner Party - Milan Fashion Week FW16


The Salon’s Eclecticism

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The Park Avenue Armory will once again welcome The Salon Art+Design, the toniest annual art fair in New York City. As always, it will bring vetted accuracy for the ultra high-end decor that exhibits the blurred line between art and design. The many debut pieces from around the world are a must-see for seasoned revelers, and the creme de la creme of the design world will be flocking to see the world’s finest galleries’ collections in historical, modern and contemporary art and design.

gallery fumi

There will be an extremely international flavor and eclecticism that cut a universal and timeless swath, highly sought by when combining  styles, genres, and periods. The organizers’ willingness to consider all material — historic to contemporary — is predicated on the belief that today’s designers and collectors insist on a vibrant mix — as long as the quality is impeccable.

gallery kreo

The pieces will be flying from as far as Beijing, London and Monaco, among which exhibiting galleries are Gallery ALL, Gallery kreo and Gallery FUMI.

The fair will be opened with the collector’s preview and vernissage party on the upcoming November 10th, and the exhibition will continue until November 14th.


Park Chan Yeol, Mabel Yuan Attended “Anti-fan” Premiere

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The premiere of “So I Married an Anti-fan” (hereinafter referred to as “Anti-fan”), wonderfully co-produced by Comedians Pictures, Bona Film Group and Jebsen CTV, starring EXO member Park Chan Yeol, Mabel Yuan, Jiang Chao and South Korean Girls’ Generation member, Seo Hyun, was recently held in Beijing and attended by director Kim Jae-young, with the three stars, Park Chan Yeol, Mabel Yuan and Seo Hyun. The original soundtrack MV“I Hate You” by Park Chan Yeol and Mabel Yuan was shown during the premiere, and even with Seo Hyun unusually not singing, the excitement still ran high.


With the legendary “Golden Beauty” Park Chan Yeol, “Pink Girl” Mabel Yuan, and two big kill, Jiang Chao and Seo Hyun, the movie “Anti-fan” will be a hit this summer, with viewers coming to appreciate the beautiful and popular cast. In the premiere, Park Chan Yeol shared exclusive anecdotes about growing up with “baby-face”.

The event was the first debut of “I Hate You”, where the lyrics “you are my everything” conveys the unique love, showing Mabel Yuan’s true feeling; with voice full of vitality and a deep, brave love song, she expressed the hope that through the movie, the song is waking you up to love. There was a staged “Live Blockbuster” role-reversal showing how sweet they are with Mable Yuan donning a pink wig and Park Chan Yeol imitated Mabel Yuan with a girly head tilt, giving the fans great fun.


The King of Sports Shines in Beijing

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From September 10th to 11th, the No. 6 China Open Polo Tournament kicked off passionately on the broad grassland of the Tang Polo Club. Polo players from a number of countries around the world competed for trophies and plates in 12 levels of competition. In order to enhance the splendor and professionalism of the match, the sponsor specially invited the popular Crown Prince of Brunei to organize a team to attend the Polo Open this year.


After the opening ceremony, the match started. The polo teams battled against each other. Chunks of turf raised by hooves flew into the air; mallets hit the ball with clear and melodious knocks. The audience and players couldn’t help cheering and yelling after every goal… Everything put the people in a trance, allowing them to glimpse a certain time in the flourishing age of the Tang Dynasty and experience the regal atmosphere conjured up by polo. Finally, the Tang Team won the last plate and Yaozhi AMC won the championship of the China Polo Open.

In the China Polo Open this year, domestic players were added to the matches in order to include more Chinese faces, which is also a strong sign that the Tang Polo Club is making persistent efforts to promote Chinese polo. In the last 6 years, the Tang Polo Club has been the only club to successfully hold the ‘China Polo Open’, taking ‘China’ as the beginning of the competition’s name each time. In September every year, numerous domestic and foreign media groups, movie and TV stars, government officials and influential elite in the world come to the Tang Polo Club’s grounds to appreciate the matches.